Rounding Up Furniture Plus

As with all our designs, our logo too has a great story behind it. In creating a trade mark that would represent our company on a local and international level, promote our ideas and compete with timeless trademarks of the Interior design industry, we began to look at the basics. Questions were passed around in a brainstorm session- Who are WE? What is the essence of our work? Where does it all begin?




The idea of three circles to represent each stage, as well as the thought process and the 360o avenue of Interior Furniture that we provide- was a perfect summation of our requirements for the brand. We considered this carefully. It had everything that embodied furniture plus as a company- Simplicity, complexity, stability, originality and finally, the most important of all - Flexibility.

We set out our circles in order, reading from right to left, the first in Green, the next in Grey and finally the largest circle in Orange. Symbolising : Imagine, Innovate and Inspire, respectively.

Stage 1: Imaginatively Green

Often known as the colour of life and new beginnings, Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye, than most colors. It is a colour that is associated with nature and in the business world, with expertise and forward thinking. The refreshingly green, wide spectrum of imagination: What better colour to embody the first step of our process.

Stage 2: Innovatively Grey

By far the longest stage and yet the worthiest, Innovation is that ‘grey area’ that any design has to go through in order to be fashioned into such that is ready to be recognized by a consumer market. We argue for and against the design, taking into consideration: Cost, material, aesthetics, feasibility, efficiency and marketability. This goes on, for a good amount of time, lead by a team of creative professionals who challenge each other and the design, to release its utmost potential.

Stage 1: Imaginatively Green

The colour alone says ‘Look at me!’ This is what inspiration is all about. Orange is associated with activity, warmth and creativity. Why do we like orange? For the same reason everyone loves watching an orange sun set- orange is vibrant-orange stands out. We do exactly this by presenting, marketing and promoting our top notch quality products to our valuable clientele with a dedication to our craft and thirst for creating something new and inspiringly different.